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Saving Money On Moving Day


Although it would be nice to be able to hire a moving company, to help during the big move, that isn’t always an option. Moving companies can be expensive to hire and bigger ticket items can really rack up your bill. If you’re looking to save as much money as possible during your big move, follow these simple tips:

First, pack smart. Chances are you’ll need a moving truck, and the smaller the moving truck, the smaller your bill! Pack your boxes tight (this also prevents your items from breaking) and pack those boxes efficiently into your truck. If you’re not moving too far away, you may even want to make numerous trips with a smaller truck than one trip in a larger one.

Also, avoid driving during rush hour. Moving trucks use a lot more gas than the average car, so sitting in traffic for hours could cost you a bundle.

Once you’re settled in, start talking to your neighbors. Ask them which internet and cable providers are the cheapest, which gas station has the lowest prices, and which restaurants are the most affordable. Not only will you make neighborhood friends, but your wallet will thank you, too.

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