Self Storage Tips

Storage Planning and Organization

Though self-storage is a space that’s visited by you only once or twice a year, that doesn’t mean it can be a mess. Digging something out of a stack of dirty, dingy boxes isn’t good, so it’s best to be organized. The way to make the most out of your storage units is to plan ahead before you begin loading up the truck.

Plan What You Will Store

Start by identifying things that will be placed in stacked boxes. Prioritize the boxes so you can have easier access to the things you most need. Group by fragility and weight – the heavier items should be stored on the bottom with the more fragile items on top. Also consider where you will put awkwardly shaped items that do not stack, and then choose a unit size based on this information.

Organize and Pack

Use boxes and not bags; they are a nuisance and do not stack like boxes can. Invest in good quality boxes that are sturdy and can hold up for years. Wrap breakables in paper or bubble wrap (or both) and use any system you wish to identify your possessions, whether it’s writing on the outside or using color codes. Whatever you pack, make sure it is clean. Add an extra layer of finish or polish to any wood products and treat leather items with a leather conditioner. Disassemble bigger items if you don’t plan on using them for a while. Finally, when storing larger appliances such as a refrigerator, enclose the exposed backside to prevent pests or vermin.

Even if you don’t need to visit this space often, take time out at least once every one or two months to check on your possessions. A simple on the surface brush up and cleaning will keep your items in top shape.

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